4501 PukeX Odor Eliminator

DyneCraft 4501 Freshen Fast sm Odor Control, PukeEx sm is a SAFE and Ecological product made of a Biological material which is NON-pathogenic, NON-GMO and NON-Toxic.

The Biological core is designed for Instant Odor Control.

DyneCraft 4501 Freshen Fast sm Odor Control, PukeEx sm is an Instant Odor Control solution for a wide

range of malodors found on hard surfaces, fabrics, carpets, indoors, outdoors and automobiles

Mechanism of Odor Control

Captures the following Odors and Degrades the odor causing organics

Eliminates the Odors at the source for long lasting odor control



Pet feces and Urine

Cigarette & Tobacco

Rotten and Putrid, Rancid and Spoiling Volatile Fatty Acid

Ammonia and Amine Odors associated with restrooms

Stale & Rotten Food Odors

Areas of Application on all Hard & Soft Surfaces

Automobiles, Private, Public, Taxis and Ride Share Vehicles

Restaurant Dining area floors, Hallway & Restroom Floors

Dining Linen

Garbage Bins, Garbage and Linen Collection Areas, Broom Closets, Nooks and Corners

Carpets, Rugs, Sofas and Chairs

Grease Trap areas, Floor Drains, Mops and Mop Buckets



Do NOT store with food, food supplies and food packages. Do NOT store in food pantries

Do NOT use on food contact surfaces such as countertops, cutting boards and food preparation areas.

Do NOT atomize or fumigate this product

Usage Instructions

If the source of the malodor is visible, such as vomit residue, first remove the source and discard

Spray directly on areas where odors are a problem and persist

Spray with low pressure and close to the targeted areas. Do not spray against the wind or draft.

Made in USA:

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