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Based in Spokane, WA, USA with manufacturing done in Chino, CA and a bottling operation in Philadelphia PA via PAR Automation Solutions LLC. We are a Green Chemistry* and Sustainable Products Company. * Products, Processes and the Uses abide by the Green Chemistry Principles of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). DyneCraft LLC USA, is an Energetic Company with Capabilities and Experience to Design, Manufacture and Fulfill the requirements of our Customers, Sellers and Distributors. Our Products are designed with Ecology, Efficiency, Function, Performance and Safety as focal points which provide the proven distinctions over competitive products. Page Two elaborates ALL the Attributes, Properties and the benefits they portend. Our Ingredients are chosen from a list High Performing, Safe to Use and NON-polluting, New Generation Chemicals which abide by stricter environmental rules and requirements. The products are Robust in Performance even at Low concentrations, which compare and exceed some of the Industrial grade cleaning Products. ALL our products are Water-based, NON-flammable and are completely free of Volatile Organic Compounds which cause fumes and obnoxious vapors. Our products are being used in and recommended for Industrial (Petroleum, Oil & Gas, Machinery) Commercial (Restaurant, Institutional, Auto-repair) Domestic areas (Homes); several examples are elaborated on our website: → Applications Specific Tab: Application Specific ( __ DyneCraft LLC USA, wishes to bring ALL the above BENEFITS, ADVANTAGES and EFFICIENCIES of Cost and Resources to your Country. We wish to work closely with you to address custom-critical challenges and provide practical solutions. We are looking for Energetic Companies with an Entrepreneurial Spirit, who wish to partner with us to take on the challenges while abiding by National and International Laws and Guidelines governing Safety and Care for the people and the environment. 

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